The discovery phase covers the start of the project. Designers going through market and user research in order to note new things, find common patterns and seek inspiration. 

Methods and tools: Contextual Inquiry, Competitor Analysis, Market Research, Usability Testing, User Flows, User Research, User Interviews, Surveys


The second quarter represents the definition stage in synthesising all the ideas and research possibilities identified in the ‘Discover’ phase. This helps us to re-frame the problem that aligns users’ needs and business goals.

Methods and tools: Card Sorting, Feature Prioritisation, Persona Creation, Site Mapping, Usability Testing, User Journeys, User Flows

The third quarters' development phase is about diverging the approach again where solutions are created, prototyped, tested and iterated. This process of trial and error helps UX Designers to improve and refine their ideas.

Methods and tools: Content Strategy, Design Studio, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Pair Programming, Participatory Design, Rapid Prototyping, Visual Design, Wireframing

The delivery phase is the final quarter of the double diamond model and its focusing on the launch of the most recent version of the product or feature, through presentations and design specification documents, which can be used for further design and development work. 

Methods and tools: Clickable Prototype, Design Specification Documentation, Future Recommendations, High Fidelity Mockup, Presentation


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