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Case studies


Emotional design creating positive experiences

Driven by my endless curiosity and creative intuition, my design approach centres on evidence-based problem solving. I focus on placing users in the front-row and at the centre of my thinking. ↓


Fairly App

Splitting fares made easy - Over  6 months ago I had the opportunity to work on a challenge.  Out of the three options presented I choose the one I believed to be the most challenging - how to ease the awkward moments  splitting the bill after dinner with friends. From there, Fairly was born.



Increasing user engagement - GoodGym is an organisation that helps people get fit by doing good. GoodGym have a great concept, vibrant team and an ambitious 2017 plan to grow the number of members and do more good deeds. 


“I’ve known Konstantinos for over a year now and he has been a tremendous help with my new online venture QallOut.com. His passion about UX and willingness to go the extra mile as well as his work ethic make him a valuable partner for any business, including challenging start up ventures!”
— Georgia Kokkini Founder at QallOut - Online Video Debates
“I’ve been personally impressed with the fact that there has been no ego during the week, which can sometimes be the problem when a designer is teaching another designer – keep this up throughout the course and the journey of your UX career, it will take you a long way!”
— Founder & Creative Director at Triple Double


Edge Sporting

Edge Sporting Goods (ESG) is a sports shop based in Liverpool street, London, since 1998. They are proud of being part of their local community with customers ranging from local residents to businesses. With this in mind the business model is based on being customer-centric, with reasonable pricing and keeping it local